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(2 Glasses) Riedel Vinum Martini


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Brand: Riedel Category: Wine Glass
Origin: Austria SKU: 402914153


Vinum : Martini Riedel Vinum Martini Glasses are an essential addition to the established glass collection Vinum. The unmistakeable shape of the Martini glass is synonymous with refined style and graceful elegance, but there is more to this Martini glass than just it's looks. Martinis should be served ice cold and it's long stem ensures that the cocktail does not warm up too quickly. The wide brim best benefits the gin as the greater exposure to air helps the spirit to open up, and its complex botanicals are more discernible than when served with a narrow rim glass. The steeply sloping sides also martiniメs ingredients from separating, and help to support the ubiquitous toothpick or skewer of olives. For those looking for Riedel Cocktail Glasses, the ideal solution may be these Riedel Vinum Martini Glasses.

Collections: Accessory and Glassware

Category: Austria

Type: Glassware

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