Bellevoye Rouge Triple Malt Whisky

Finition Grand Cru


700 ML
One of four expressions from the Bellevoye Distillery in France, Bellevoye Black is a blended whiskey that combines the whisky of three undisclosed distilleries from different regions of France (Lile, Alsace, and Cognac) into a finished product. The individual whiskies all start as a fermented mash of malted barley. From there, they are distilled and aged at the respective distilleries for a period of between three and eight years in oak casks. Once properly aged, they are combined at the Bienheureux production facility in Cognac and further aged together for an additional ten months. This specific variety adds the extra step of roasting the barley with peat moss, a step common in the production of scotch whiskey that typically adds a specific peat flavor to the finished product.

Bellevoye Red French Triple Malt Whisky is a blended malt made from three different regions--Brittany, Alsace and Cognac. All of the ingredients used in its production are French. The whiskey is initally aged for 5 10 years in French oak casks.  The whiskeys are then blended and then finished for six months in Grand Cru casks.

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