Bitter Truth

Pink Gin

Brand: Bitter Truth Category: Gin
Origin: Germany SKU: 481932100
ABV: 40.00% Volume: 75 CL

The bitter truth pink gin is indeed pink in color. citrus predominantly on the nose. lemon and grapefruit leap out of the glass. as it sits though, these floral notes give way to a spicy lower layer. while, the palate does indeed taste like a classic pink gin. it’s somewhere between an orleans style bitter and a classic angostura. there’s clearly lot of a spice and complexity here to dissect: bitter early with a touch of gentian, rhubarb, cinnamon and a hint of clove. it’s spicy and slightly fruity. mid-palate the juniper comes through, while the fairly strong anise and fennel notes start to come on loudly. it has a strong anisette note that shifts towards the finish when caraway absolutely takes over.

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