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Bulldog London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Brand: Bulldog Category: Gin
Origin: UK SKU: 252221152
ABV: 40% Volume: 750 ML

Bulldog London Dry Gin

The gin lover will enjoy this enlightening experience, which begins with a full bouquet of floral and citrus fragrances that tantalize the senses and invite one to guess their sources. The initial introduction of flavors is one of subtle juniper that leads into a crisp harmony of countless botanicals. With each sip new notes can be found with lavender, citrus and juniper dominating. A short, warm, floral finish is a fine finale for the Bulldog London Dry Gin journey.






Grain neutral spirit (at 96% ABV) is infused with the all-natural flavours and aromas of BULLDOG Gin’s 12 distinctive botanicals inside a copper pot still.
This allows the botanicals to macerate in the spirit before distilling, to release their essential oils, resulting in the creation of vapour.


The resultant vapour passes through a condenser and is reliquefied to produce an essence. As a result of this, the “heads” (volatile compounds with low boiling points) and “tails” (volatile compounds with high boiling points) are separated from the distillate.


The resulting essence (measured at 76% ABV) is compounded further with a wheat-based grain neutral spirit.


The liquid is broken down with demineralised water to the required strength for bottling (40% ABV).


Upon meeting discerning aromatic and flavour standards, only then can it be bottled and labeled as BULLDOG London Dry Gin.

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Category: Gin, Spirit, UK

Type: Spirit

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