Camus V.S.O.P Elegance

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700 ML

The Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance is an Elegant blend of the best terroirs the region has to offer, notably the Borderies terroir. This exquisite, refined and surprisingly smooth VSOP has been distilled in the traditional "on the lees" manner with small copper pot stills. The Camus VSOP Elegance Cognac is as refined to drink as the name suggests, boasting a rounded fruity nose with nutty notes and a smooth finish of vanilla, caramel and oak on the palate.

Like all Camus' Cognacs, quality and excellence is at the core of its creation. The estate put a particular focus on developing intensely aromatic blends, reaching unparalleled results in terms of intensity. Each element in the process is strictly surveyed, for example, the grapes must be pressed within 2 hours of harvesting. Even when in the cellar, these Elegant Cognacs are exclusively stored in small barrels in order to maximize the contact between the eaux-de-vie and the wood that will give it its intense flavor.