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Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky 10 Years

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Brand: Glen Grant Category: Scotch Whisky
Origin: UK SKU: 
ABV: 43% Volume: 700 ML

Wight a bright, golden colour and pleasant aromas of orchard fruit, almond and citrus, this exceptional whisky delights the palate with exquisite and delicate notes of apple pie crust and caramel, and finishes with lingering fruit and subtle hints of spice

My first impression is of a fruity-sweet freshness, which is gradually joined by spicy oak notes. The focus is clearly focused on the bright, refreshing fruit flavors. Freshly sliced ​​green apples, which are not yet ripe and tart with an acidic impact, followed by pears, green grapes, citrus notes, juicy grapefruit, vanilla, hints of blossom honey and peppermint and spicy notes of wood. The alcohol content of 43% is barely noticeable. Uncomplicated, harmonious and pleasant.

With a silky soft texture, the 12-year-old Glen Grant dresses pleasantly in the mouth. A beautiful symbiosis of refreshing sweet fruits and spicy wood notes floods the palate. The mouthfeel dries slightly after a few seconds. Freshly squeezed lemons and orange peel give the malt a slightly sourish sting. Green apples, vanilla, honey, hints of almonds, a bit of malt and spicy oak oak notes follow. Again, the overall aromatic picture is consistent: sweet-sour, fresh and tasty - simply uncomplicated and delicious.

Medium long and sweet and spicy. At the finish line, a fine sweetness builds up again. Again, I find the freshly cut apples, honey, malt and vanilla again. Finally, the spicy oak notes intensify and leave a slight dryness and delicate bitterness on the palate.

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Category: Scotch Whisky, UK, Whisky

Type: Spirit

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