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Coravin Aerator


Brand: Coravin Category: Accessories
Origin: USA SKU:401714197

The Coravin Aerator, designed exclusively to be used with your Coravin Wine Preservation Opener, is the perfect accessory to enhance the taste of your wine in seconds by mixing the right amount of air with the wine as you pour. Its unique design uses the system’s pressure to force wine through 24 carefully placed and sized holes. By creating small jets that dramatically expand the surface area of wine exposed to air, it rapidly aerates the wine to yield silky, smooth, and aromatic results equivalent to decanting wine for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The Coravin Aerator is compatible with all Coravin Systems.

Collections: Accessory, Accessory and Glassware

Category: Coravin, USA

Type: Accessory

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