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Couple Piccini Sparkling

Piccini Sparkling

Brand: Piccini Category: Sparkling Wine
Origin: Italy SKU: 
ABV:  Volume: 750 ML

Couple Piccini Sparkling includes.

Piccini Goccia Rosa 1 Bottle

Piccini Prosecco Venetian Dress 1 Bottle

Piccini Goccia Rosa

Goccia Rosa - stylishly and authentically created from 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Nero - is the resulting mixture of different, selected cuvée that have been separately harvested and vinified. Thanks to the Charmat method (second fermentation in the pressure tank), Pinot Noir reveals typical aromas of red berries and rose petals. This noble grape variety gives the flowery and elegant sparkling wine more body and complexity. Ripe red berries and white flowers on the nose. A sparkling wine that is completely convincing due to its freshness and suppleness. Italian "pink air bubbles" with delicate persistent perlage, wrapped in a Prestige Limited Edition.

Piccini Prosecco Venetian Dress

The Charmat method is defined here by a slow second fermentation and a longer aging time of 3 months instead of the regular 20 days in the pressure tank. The result is an extremely intense bouquet, which is supported by a fine perlage, a balanced cuvée. Beguilingly fruity with a pronounced scent of apple, lemon and grapefruit. The floral aromas meet a pleasant citrus peel note (typical of Glera varieties). Lively and fresh with a fine, persistent perlage. Dressed in the elegant "Venetian Dress" and suitable for the exuberant occasion of pure life. 

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Category: Italy, Sparkling Wine

Type: Wine

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