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Dewar's 30 Years

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SIZE: 700 ML ALC: 40.00%

Dewar’s 30 Years Old Ne Plus is a small batch offering and is presented as the oldest-ever release from Dewar’s in its remarkable 170-year history. Each of the rare whiskies in the Ne Plus Ultra blend is aged for a minimum of 30 years in oak casks before finishing in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

There’s dark chocolate candy bar as well as cocoa powder, dried figs and it’s like sticking your face into a bag of dried prunes, just sticky all over.

First sip is creamy, mouth coating and very savory. Almost a bready savory. There’s a wonderful savory spice that undulates with spicy, then savory, then dried sweet flavors.

The finish is mouth watering, no dryness whatsoever. The bready, wheat filled flavor lingers, like you just bit into a piece of wholegrain bread.