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Domaine d' Espérance Bas-Armagnac 10 Ans

Brand: Domaine d'Espérance Category: Armagnac
Origin: France SKU: 
ABV: 43.00% Volume: 700 ML

The Blanche d’Espérance won the Silver Medal in Paris in 2009.The Blanche Armagnac is a new AOC: it is an armagnac just distilled which has not been poured in oak barrels. At Domaine d’Espérance, it is a blend of Folle Blanche and Baco. It is distilled at a stronger proof and then put down to 43 %. We drink it as a fruit eau de vie (such as the Alsacian ones) or chilled like a vodka. It matches wonderfully smoked salmons, eels.

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