(Free A Flute Glass) Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 150th Anniversary

Imperial Brut 150th Anniversary

Brand: Moet & Chandon Category: Champagne
Origin: France SKU: 431812102
ABV: 12% Volume: 750 ML

To mark this moment, the Maison is delighted to unveil a limited-edition bottle inscribed with a badge of honor - the “I” of “Impérial” – as a crowning tribute to the precious 150-year history of this remarkable champagne.

The saga of Moët Impérial began in 1869, when Moët & Chandon chose to create a brut non-vintage champagne named “Brut Impérial” – known today as “Moët Impérial” – to pay tribute to the relationship established since 1801 with Napoléon Bonaparte and Jean-Remy Moët, grandson of the Maison’s founder.

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