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Gilbey's London Dry Gin 1 L

Brand: Gilbey's Category: Gin
Origin: UK SKU: 252219229
ABV: 40.00% Volume: 1 L

The nose is classic with plenty of juniper, with orange zest and angelica present as well. the lower notes have the bright, sappy, angelica still accompanied by the orange. the nose is simple, but familiar and inviting. The winemaker don’t think the winemaker would guess the price by the nose. It’s fresh and generally quite positive. The palate is assertive and sharp, with lots of classic gin botanicals making an appearance: pine-forward juniper, bitter orange rind, coriander mid-palate— surprisingly obvious for a second and then quickly vanishing from consciousness— the finish is sharply citrus with a mineral-tinged, calciferous/slightly chalky astringency. Quite dry, with a roar of heat that is more expected at this price point.

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