Hibiki Blossom Harmony

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SIZE: 700 ML ALC: 43.00%

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Hibiki Blossom Harmony 2021 featured a blend of standard Hibiki with sakura cask finished whiskies. Cherry blossoms are the most revered of all the blooms in Japan, and the excuse for the two-week party called ‘Hanami’. This literally means flower viewing, which sounds very sophisticated, but, well, is actually a two-week piss up. 

COLOR: Classic Amber.

Floral obviously. Sakura and sakura mochi (a type of Japanese dessert) dominate. Hints of olive and kumquat. Very enticing and inviting.

A burst of cherry cake, cherry pie and the Cadbury’s Cherry Ripe. Expansive mouthfeel. Rounded, with honey, pear and caramel.

FINISH: Rich, lingering, floral and refreshing.