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Johnnie Walker 200th Icon Limited Edition Set

200 Years Limited Edition

Brand: Johnnie Walker Category: Scotch Whisky
Origin: UK SKU:
ABV: 40% Volume: 


Johnnie Walker 200th Limited Edition Set includes. 

1 Johnnie Walker Red Label 1L 1 Bottle

2 Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L 1 Bottle

3 Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750ML 1 Bottle

Johnnie Walker Tote Bag 1 Piece


Johnnie Walker Red Label

A surprisingly rich, aromatic nose with heather honey, mixed peels, soft smoke and rum spice.

Cedar wood, oak and butterscotch, aniseed, Christmas cake and malt.

Long, spiced nose with smoke on the tail


Johnnie Walker Black Label

Winter spice and treacle, hints of white pepper and a little citrus.

Rich and full with notes of wood smoke and dry spice, hints of barley and cereal with creamy toffee and a distinct herbal note.

Quite fruity and long with a note of sultanas and mixed peels.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Honey and heather with thick caramel notes and a subtle nutmeg spice. Dried meadow flowers and a hint of fresh banana.

Smooth and succulent with a honeyed sweetness that's typical of Johnnie Walker. There's more to this though, the floral elements are quite prominent and there's a spiced sweet vanilla note too.


Long, sweet and toffee-like. Overall A typically easy drinking blend from Johnnie Walker, this will not disappoint fans of the style.

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