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(Set) Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire & A Song of Ice

Set Ice Mold

Brand: Johnnie Walker Category: Scotch Whisky
Origin: UK SKU:181919170-1
ABV: Ice 40.2% Fire 40.8% Volume: 750 ML

 Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire & A Song of Ice  Set includes.

1. Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice 1 Bottle
2. Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire 1 Bottle
3. Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice Icemold 1 Box

Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire

Citrus and black pepper up front, a tad bit boozy in comparison to the ice. Also found a touch of peat lingering in the background.

Once more found the whisky to be lighter bodied than expected. However, bolder flavors of graham cracker and spice, with a touch of peat. Simple and straight forward, though I was hoping for a longer finish.

the direction that they went with these two whiskys. Each fairly representative of the themes that the distillers were aiming for. I just wanted more from the Song of Fire. This one is definitely the more cocktail friendly between the two. I’d like to see it in a Rob Roy style of cocktail, perhaps with a fun bitters to accentuate the flavors.

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice

 Fresh honeydew, vanilla bean, sherry, and orange zest.

Light bodied, a kiss of peat, and orchard fruit somewhere between peach and nectarine.

The best place to start is how refreshing this Scotch was. One could envision pouring an entire pint glass of it over ice and not bat an eye until it’s too late. The lightness and fruit certainly do lend themselves as to the name A Song of Ice.

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