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Limoncello di Capri

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Brand: Courvoisier Category: Liqueur
Origin: Italy SKU: 
ABV: 30% Volume: 700 ML


Limoncello di Capri Liqueur

The original Limoncello di Capri, first invented in the early 1800s by Vincenza Canale, proprietor of the famous 'Mariantonia' hotel on the island. Produced to the same recipe today, using an infusion of local lemons and no additives or sugars, this is a vibrant taste of the sun. Try mixing it with sparkling wine or tonic water.


Tasting Note


Nose: Lots and lots of lemon unsurprisingly, particularly of the sherbet variety.

Palate: Lemon zest and juice with syrupy sugar water.

Finish: Soft medicinal lemon notes.

Overall: A lemony limoncello, great chilled!