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(Set 4 Bottles) Lost Distillery Archivist

Archivist Set 4 Bottles

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Brand: Lost Distillery Category: Whisky
Origin: Scotland SKU: 483637100
ABV:  Volume: 70 CL

The Lost Distillery Company is a really exciting brand that is bringing back some amazing malts that have not been in production for almost a century, and in some cases more than!

They do it all through research and perseverance, working with historical records and gleaning what they know from the location of the distilleries to build a flavour profile.

From this flavour profile they create a malt that is similar to what would have been made there in the past. This is a really fascinating process and gives us a glimpse into the processes and production methods, as well as the importance of location, that formed the Whisky if bygone eras

Collections: Whisky

Category: Scotch Whisky, Scotland, Whisky

Type: Spirit

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