Lost Distillery Archivist Dalaruan

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Brand: Lost Distillery Category: Whisky
Origin: Scotland SKU: 483637100
ABV: 46.00% Volume: 70 CL

Dalaruan progressed steadily, despite personal tragedy. A cholera outbreak in 1832 claimed the life of John Colvill. In correspondence with David Colville, Peter Reid describes a quarantine like environment and an understandable unwillingness to travel. Ralph Langlands was the third founder of Dalaruan to die (Charles Colvill had passed in 1828 aged 54) in 1839, and his share in the company was sold to John McMurchy. The Colvill/Colvilles, along with the Greenlees family (to whom much of their kin were inter-related), had become the premier distilling dynasty in Campbeltown; their family was eventually linked to Dalaruan, Dalintober, Argyll, Burnside, Kinloch and Springside, with the Greenlees linked to several others, including Hazelburn.