Martell Noblige Chinese Edition


700 ML

The Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Vincent Darré revisits this statement-making cognac, which was first launched in the 1980s as a contemporary symbol of French art de vivre. Its name was inspired by the aristocratic expressio “Noblesse oblige”. As Martell Noblige has evolved over time, two qualities have remained constant: on the one hand, its singular character and flair; on the other, its stylish, cutting-edge design. The iconic bottle, adorned with a large, engraved Martell swift, and the eye-catching, electric blue box, lent themselves to the vivid imagination of Vincent Darré. The rich blend of Martell Noblige is composed with a minimum of 100 eaux-de-vie from the finest terroirs in the Cognac region. Its singular woody character, generally found only in older cognacs, requires a specific savoir-faire to create.

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