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Moutai Chun 1998

SIZE: 500 ML ALC: 53.00%

Moutai Chun 1998 is a mid-range product from the set of Time Series and as commemoration to remember the year of Moutai Chun brand founded. Using ‘light yellow’ as the main color of the packaging, it convey a gentle light, transparent, brilliant, hopeful and energetic color impression.
And the abstract design of the bottle, the designers of the bottle and packaging decided to integrate the meandering form of the Chishui River in the design. Its graceful curves not only convey a gentle feeling visually but extend an invitation to taste the contents. The river winds from the lip to the bottom of the bottle, symbolising the flow and growth of the Chishui River, the precious source and specific spirit of Moutai Chun.

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