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Skyy Infusions Raspberry

Brand: Skyy Category: Vodka
Origin: USA SKU: 241721170
ABV: 40% Volume: 700 ML


Skyy Infusions Citrus

All natural. Vodka Infused with real raspberry and other natural flavors. Delicious Skyy Infusions take authentic Skyy Vodka and carefully infuses it with hand-selected ingredients for the smoothest fresh fruit taste. Unlike flavored Vodka, Skyy Infusions Raspberry delicately soaks high quality fruits, extracting the best authentic red raspberry notes, and brings them together with super premium Skyy Vodka. Floral and fresh, the beginning is reminiscent of fresh berry floral notes while the finish is true-to-fruit seediness of raspberry puree. Sip Skyy Infusions raspberry over ice or shaken in a magnificent cocktail. 35% Alc. by vol.

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