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Talisker 18 Years 700 ML

18 Years Old

Brand: Talisker Category: Scotch Whisky
Origin: UK SKU:221919181
ABV: 45.80% Volume: 700 ML

Quite clean and fresh. There is a mixed fruity sweetness with a spicy character. The peat and smoke rise with notes of perfume and thick oak. Hints of Calvados and a touch of acidity with ground ginger.

Thick, rich and full-bodied. Notes of spicy, peppery oak, espresso beans and wood smoke. A little allspice creeps in, there is a certain zesty character lurking somewhere. The spice builds and builds with utter intent.

Long, with peppery oak.

Collections: DMHT, Spirits

Category: Scotch Whisky, Single Malt, UK

Type: Spirit

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