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Vaccari Sambuca

Brand: Vaccari  Category: Liqueur
Origin:  Italy SKU : 271121200
ABV: 38% Volume: 750 ML


Vaccari Sambuca

Vaccari Sambuca was launched in 1990 and named after the creator of Galliano, the distiller Arturo Vaccari. Distilled in Italy, the spirit owes its soft and pure anise flavour to a unique distilling process using a very rare Chinese star anise. Vaccari Sambuca has distinctive packaging reflecting its product and brand quality. Mexico, the Netherlands and Ireland are Vaccari’s key markets, where it is traditionally consumed neat with three coffee beans for good luck.

Nose: Liquorice root, allspice and fennel. Herbal.


Palate: A complex, bittersweet palate with huge notes of liquorice, aniseed and pepper.


Finish: Peppery, spicy finish. Lingering caraway.


Overall: Rich and balanced.

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